Christmas in the Sunroom – Right click and then click on View Image to see a larger version.

The tree arrived on the Saturday after Thanksgiving while Barb and I were off on one of our Q-in-the-car trips. When we returned we found that the big outside wreath was up and lit. Obviously the Kiep family elves (Bob, Sigrid, Madeline and Gretchen) had done it again. Inside, the tree was up and lighted and all the seasonal tchotchkes had emerged from their eleven month basement hibernation and returned to duty.

On the next weekend Barb added the ornaments to the tree. A couple of days later Sigrid returned with the church on the right. That’s a piece of work. When switched on it lights up but also circulates the “snow” that we used to have to do by shaking a glass snowball. My, my…technology.

In the following week Sigrid arranged the three Bradford Exchange Kinkade houses, the IKEA candelabra, some trees and snow from the train days and the church, and the sunroom was ready for Christmas.

Now, what’s missing? Oh, SNOW, and that arrived last Wednesday. A perfect scene.

Happy Winter Solstice; three more seconds of sunlight tomorrow!


A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

to all of my family and friends.



18 Responses to “MY CHRISTMAS GREETING – 2020”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Merry Christmas, Ralph. Glad to see you still have the Christmas spirit. Have a wonderful holiday and let’s hope for a good 2021.

  2. Nora Glovacz Says:

    It’s absolutely picturesque!!! Beautiful! Merry Christmas

  3. Janet Hadley Says:

    Macy’s! For the eye candy photo. I recognize that from days gone by when I lived in the area.
    Your home is beautifully decorated for the holidays, Ralph. Enjoy the wonders of the season, and friends and family to enjoy it with.

  4. Tammy Gerhart Says:

    Looks beautiful!!! Wishing you a joyous Christmas & a happy, healthy, New Year!!!

  5. Nina Says:

    Happy holidays, Ralph and Barb. … a magical place amidst so much craziness! Wishing a new year for all.
    Merry Christmas, Paul and Nina

  6. Dr. Andie Says:

    Your home looks like a wonderful winter sanctuary in the midst of the chaos of 2020! I appreciate being included in your update, and hope you and Barb have a magical holiday. Virtual hugs to you both!

  7. Page Says:

    Merry Christmas 🎄 your sunroom is stunning! Hope the New Year brings us all much needed relief.

  8. Nancy steelman Says:

    Ralph. Beautiful Christmas display. Makes us think of the past when we were young have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully 2021 will be a better year Nancy

  9. Joe Perno Says:

    Beautiful scene Ralph. Wishing you and your wonderful family a Blessed Christmas and Holiday Season

    Miss you buddy.

    Joe Perno

  10. Bonnie Says:

    That room just looks beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and Barbara!

  11. Jo Ann Morris Says:

    A happy, healthy, safe and peace-filled holiday and 2021. Better days are coming, friend.
    Jo Ann and Biddle

  12. Virginia Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Barb my dear friend the sunroom looks spectacular we’re all ready for 2021 God bless you

  13. larryalyons Says:

    Beautiful! Merry Xmas!

  14. eajackson Says:

    Thank goodness someone has the Christmas spirit. Your sunroom is quite beautiful. Kudos to all involved in the project. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With love Beth and Alan

  15. Val Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and Barbara and your families peace, joy and good health.

  16. Jenn Says:

    So so beautiful! What a glorious Christmas Celebration place. 🎄🎶🎄

  17. Kay Roberts Says:

    Thanks for getting me thinking of all my Christmas memories. Have a happy 2021!

  18. CathyS Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Cheers to a very Merry Christmas and to a much better 2021!

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