I was awakened by a deluge of rain on the roof while sunlight was creeping around the blinds.  Waddup widdat?  Well, there was cloud cover (just over my house?) but sun seen around the perimeter.  There was, however, more cloud cover and more rain on the way.


Image 01


Later,  after the rain but while it was still threatening, it was an excellent time to (as Thoreau urged)  walk about, not to and fro.  Here’s Bob’s boat, hoping to get out again in the fall.

Image 02


Then there’s old Sultan, up on blocks for years, now, probably anxious to get out there but, sadly, not going to make it.

Image 03


The clouds, broken here and there, making for great reflections.

The bait boxes.

The bait boxes.


An empty slip.  Nikki must be out in this weather, working his traps.Image 05


The empty chair.

The empty chair.


My Knockout Roses after the rain.  A pleasure to see them since almost a year ago they were under four feet of salt water.

Image 07