Last saturday I ventured into the Franklin ParkerImage 02 Preserve in the Pinelands.  This 14 square mile tract was acquired in 2003 by the New Jersey Conservation Foundation.  It features sandy trails through a pitch pine forest, and wild blueberry alongside pristine streams.  There are two public entrances, one south of Chatsworth on county route 563, and one west of Chatsworth off the Tabernacle-Chatsworth Road












It was an overcast morning but plant material was lush from the recent rain.  Here are a couple of specimens.  I don’t know what the dark pink flowered plant is although the blossoms certainly resemble those of mountain laurel  but the leaves are different.  The bells on the right are, I believe, blueberry blossoms

Image 01         Image 03










So much for the flora; the only fauna I encountered were four ticks who opted to come home on me.   Lesson: USE DEET. 

The woods on either side of the Chatsworth-Barnegat road on my way to LBI are laden with ferns.  Here’s a nice example:

Image 04