As a Sunday getaway we drove up to Hunterdon County and left a few dollars at the Liberty Village outlets in Flemington. We had a really delightful lunch at the Canterbury Corner which is between the outlets and the older, original Turntable Junction. The latter used to be an interesting and fun destination with a variety of (non-outlet) shops, now closed, lost in the migration to the soul-deadening J. Crews and Brooks Brothers and Nautica and…and…and…

I gazed around Turntable Junction and I could see my young daughters running across the grass forty years ago and wandering through the shops with their many different delights. I remembered the times when we rented rooms over those shops and enjoyed a family overnight there. It was fun.

We then headed west on Route 12 towards the Delaware River and a bridge crossing at Frenchtown, NJ., a pleasant little town with a variety of interesting, some eclectic, shops, as well as a Walnut-Street-class gallery of splendid paintings (scenic, ducks and hunting themes) and decoys.

Here’s a mix of Italianate, A Federal pediment, a Moorish porch canopy, an Oriental canopy over the double windows, and some Roman windows. (Five different architects?)

_mg_09155After a latte while overlooking the Delaware we headed home south on Route 32 in Pennsylvania. This is a charming, narrow, winding road between the canal and the Bucks County hillsides with lots of intriguing little houses tucked here and there._mg_09111

The bridge from Frenchtown to Uhlerstown PA