I made my first trip to the beach for the year and found things in good shape and headed for better.  I was pleased and impressed to find many stores open but there are more to come.  Even the Ferris Wheel was dressed up for the weekend.  Beach Haven favorites and stand-bys such as Buckalews and Uncle Will’s and Hands and Fred’s Diner are open for business.  There are, however, still many signs of damage and sadness as people work to restore their summer and even year-round homes.  My friend, Nick, continues to restore the boat landing at the end of my street where there is still evidence of damage but signs of life coming back.

Image 05

These tulips had about five feet of salt water above them during Sandy.  Yet, here they are.  Nick also has most of the Purple Martin houses re-erected.


At the beach the artificial dunes created post-Sandy presently block the entrance from the street ends and give one the feeling of being on the edge of a great desert.

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Clearly, however, people are crossing the desert and the dune, and wandering around

Where'd everybody go?

Where’d everybody go?



The erosion caused by Hurricane Sandy has exposed a number of groins and jetties from past years.

Image 01


It’s a good feeling to see people back enjoying what the beach has to offer.

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