Today’s forecast was decent; not much sun but no gale winds so I drove down to Whitesbog.  It was a great day; briskly cold, some occasional thin sun, and peacefully quiet.  The kind of quiet that you suddenly notice. My only company was, from time to time, three pickups and a van.  As you can see below, the slushy village street was empty, the old workers’ houses moody in the thin sun but with some modest touches for the winter holiday.

Even on a largely overcast winter day there is beauty to be seen and enjoyed. On the right below, an ice-tree.

Here’s a typical pond, created by overflow from an adjacent bog. Its attractiveness is enhanced by the ice and the few remaining patches of snow.

Finally, my colleague, Lou Dallara, had a lovely image of a clump of pine needles with snow on them as his first blog image of the new year.  See his blog , scroll-find and click on Pine Needles.   It brightened my day.  The image below is the closest I could come.  The snow’s gone but I loved the remaining droplets.