THE BLIZZARD OF ’09 – 12/19/09

Yes, we had a little snow today. At 8:00 in the evening, it’s at about 14″ and it’s still coming down. I suspect it’ll be a record.

My snowthrower bit into more than it could chew last winter.  I’ve been working on it; I disasembled it to try and free it up.  The manufacturer had gone bankrupt.  Some parts were available through Freddie’s Bicycle Shop in Zelionople but with strange part numbers so I demurred.  I put it back together and attacked the snow…..for a distance of  four feet.  The gearbox had ground up what was left of the gears from last winter. 

So, God Bless Bobby who had just acquired a brand new snow thrower from Home Depot and drove over here with it in his truck. He and Sigrid unloaded it and he did a number on my driveway.

Before that I was out on a walk at about 4:30.  Here’s the entryway to the walk to my house.


At 9:15 PM it’s still coming down pretty good. 


Outside of that short walk I stayed in and decorated my tree.  Why wouldn’t I stay inside?  Merry Christmas, everyone!


Now we begin digging out.  I guess UPS won’t be coming to the back door.

The mail box is another  indicator.

But, Bobby came back again and recleared the driveway.