As I’ve mentioned before in this journal I enjoy getting down to the Mauricetown, NJ area a couple of times a year. The periodic antique show held at the firehouse is a good excuse to make the trip. The show yielded nothing new for my collections but I enjoyed it as well as just driving around through this 19th century seaport town along the Maurice River.

The town is spruced up for the season and, in particular, for their House Tours the weekend of December 11th.  I’m tempted to drive back down again.

Then it was off to the surrounding area, to the quiet roads of Shellpile, Bivalve, and Port Norris, and Dorchester to Leesburg to Heislerville to the east point of the Maurice River.  It was high tide as seen in this tidal creek which I crossed on the way out to the point.

Out at the point near the East Point Lighthouse I was exposed to the open Delaware Bay and 15 to 20 knot westerlies.  Although it was only in the high 30’s the windchill made it difficult to use my fingers on my camera.  I didn’t stay long but it was worth it to me.

It was actually better than advertised as the Weather Channel had forecast solid cloud cover for most of the day.  As it was, the chunks of cloud just hadn’t quite come together.  One last image which I converted to black and white to reflect the tone of the waning, blustery, cold November day: