We’ve all heard it:  September’s the best month at the shore.  Weeellll,  yes and no.

Image 02


This morning’s forecast was for showers to be followed by steady rain.  We decided to get a beach walk in before the showers and although one’s tan wasn’t going to benefit, it proved to be an interesting, fun time.

We enjoyed watching a kite-surfer which is still on my bucket list.  I thought it would be a shoo-in for the competition category, “Stopped in Mid-air”, but he left the water too soon.  Here he is trying to put it away, a lot of work.

Image 01—————————————————–

There were others enjoying the no-rain morning, and the water, though rough, was comfortable.

Image 05


There were a couple of guards on duty (through 9/14) and I imagine they were grateful for something to guard.

Image 06————————————————————

As Barbara remarked, there were almost as many birds as people.  One of these was screeching, “OK you people.  Go home!”

Image 04————————————————–

There was also another old bird saying “Happy Season’s End.”

Image 03———————————————

I’m also happy to note that in early September my photo galleries had their 500,000th page view.   Where do they come from???

These galleries were started on Pbase.com in February 2005.  Today there are some 4,400 images stored of which about half are public, displayed in some 170 galleries.

The home page for the galleries is http://www.pbase.com/bergiesplace