I went to bed last night anticipating a loss of power by morning.  Well, we lucked out again.  A relief for living life but still pretty scenes.  I wasn’t too enthused about going out.  It was still snowing but my camera insisted.  While seriously thinking about it, one of our stalwarts, Kevin, cleared the driveway with his front-end loader so I had no further excuse.  Layers and a balaclava in place I walked out just as another helper arrived with the rock salt.  Life is not tough here.  Anyway, half way down the street this tree caught my eye.  A good start.

Image 01


I trudged on, stopping briefly to invite friends out to play (Marilyn and Tommy T.) but they demurred.  They just moved on campus last week: perfect timing considering their home is in blizzard-struck Beach Haven.  Shortly I arrived at the office area and realized that’s the first time I’ve walked there.  The Nandina bushes there had been catching my eye for several days; with the snow it was picture time.  Credit my friend here, Jane Weston, for my knowing what the bush is called.

Image 03


Continuing on through the courtyards I found these scenes:

Image 02


The geraniums were happy to be inside.

The geraniums were happy to be inside.


Hey!  Who's dropping this white stuff?

Hey! Who’s dropping this white stuff?


By the nature center there is a magnificent yellow-berry holly.

Image 06


Wending my way back home for a coffee I came across this courtyard with a surviving wreath.

Image 07


I’ll take this kind of snow storm any day.


19 Responses to “A SNOW DAY”

  1. Rich Lewis Says:

    I agree Ralph, this was a great snow day. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  2. denisebushphoto Says:

    Thanks for the snow day story! Good for you for getting out there! The geranium image is my favorite.

  3. A Snow Day | Around the Leas Says:

    […] January 27, 2015 — Ralph Berglund […]

  4. Marilyn Flagler Says:

    Your camera passion invites more exercise than my paint brush! I snuggled in to my painting table and finished some touches on various pieces of paper! Your camera walk produced some beauties…especially the Nandina.

  5. Florence Robin Says:

    You made me feel uplifted on this cold day.

  6. Ken Curtis Says:

    Great snowy day photos, Ralph. It was definitely worth your while getting outside with camera in hand.

  7. Susan Chilkotowsky-Kain Says:

    Beautiful photos, inspiring words – thank you for sharing.

  8. Pat Worley Says:

    You made me smile. Thank you.

  9. Jeanne Says:

    Hope your walking was beneficial. Wish you would have come to our house to see our Nandina. Beautiful!!!!

  10. eajackson Says:

    It’s amazing how you can spend so much time in the same place and find different interesting subjects to photograph. Mother Nature changes her workshop on a regular basis. Love this.

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